Dan Minder is a Computer / Network Technician in Northeast Ohio, who has DSCN0079spent 10 years in service of K-12 schools and higher education.  A Pittsburgh Area native, he holds a Baccalaureate Degree in Technology and an AAB in Computer Technology from Kent State University.  He is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in User Experience Design from Kent State, and an AAB in Web Design from Stark State College.

In 2014, Dan embarked on a baseball park tour of America with his friend Jerry, hitting 5 major league stadiums.  During the first leg of this trip, he took an ill-advised GPS “shortcut” through the muddy, unpaved Northern California Mountains in a rented Chevy Spark.  He and Jerry took turns pushing the car through several mud pits and navigating around others, all with no phone or OnStar service available.  They somehow lived to tell the tale, arriving at his destination 3 hours later than expected, the car with no gas, and covered in filth.

When not studying and computing, he enjoys cooking, hiking, playing board games with family, going to Rush concerts, and watching Dr. Who with his cat, Millie.